Itter Park is judged for the Green Flag Award

Itter Park is judged for the Green Flag Award

Every year Itter Park is judged for this prestigious award which is only awarded to the top percentage of parks and open spaces.

The judging for the Green Flag award is on a 2 year cycle. The first year is a formal on site judging and the second year sees the judging carried out by a mystery shopper visiting completely unannounced.

This year Itter Park (and our friends at Manor Farm, Eye) received a formal judging.

Last week officers from Peterborough City Council, Aragon Direct Services, Peterborough Environmental City Trust, and The Friends of Itter Park met with Green flag Judge Malcolm to show everything Itter Park has to offer.

Some of the topics included, but were not limited to biodiversity, the Parks management plan and how Aragon maintain the Park, finance, how the council deal with the ongoing budget cuts, The recent wildflower planting of PECT, the community activities of the Friends, and how we all work together to make Itter Park one of the top parks and open spaces in the Peterborough area.

The results will be published in the early summer.

More information about the Green Flag award can be

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